Extra hard – Trip to School Maze

This maze is difficult, one of hardest mazes you can find on ThinkMaze website. CLICK on picture to download the high quality PDF maze.  Enjoy!
Trip to School Maze by ThinkMaze

Or download the black and white maze to print!
Trip to School Maze to print

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4 responses to “Extra hard – Trip to School Maze”

  1. Jacinthe Leblanc says:

    Really difficult to do, I wonder if we can go back to the beginning or we start from point A to point B by picking up the objects? Possible to have the solution … ???

    • Igor says:

      Hi, yes it is difficult, but not that difficult, you will be able to solve it 😉 You can pick up objects one by one as you go. Best

      • Jacinthe Leblanc says:

        I manage to solve but I have to retrace my steps at the start of the journey, so I pick up all the objects but not without going back to the start, so I don’t have the right solution … ??? thank you for helping me know what to do … for the children I inform myself to be sure not to mislead them …

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