About Think Maze

Igor Donkov thinkmaze about
Hi, my name is Igor Donkov and I am from Ljubljana, Slovenia /Europe. ThinkMaze is all about creating and sharing, best possible mazes on the web. While there are many mazes online, I wanted to offer something different, create better, quality mazes. Mazes which you can truly enjoy, print out, have fun yourself or with your family.

The Story

ThinkMaze actually started long time ago,  it was in my primary school, when I first started to draw mazes for my classmates. Although they were nothing like I make them today, it was a start.

Much later I redraw a couple of mazes again, some of which were sold to a local children newspaper agency. After that, all of those mazes that I spent so much time working on, ended in my basement, waiting there for couple of years. I had a feeling it was too bad to be left there, so I decided to share them through the web with YOU!

Currently I work as a graphic designer, where I got experienced with design work. So I decided to update and redraw all of the mazes and offer them in vector PDF, which can be easily printed out for your convenience.

Here is a short video of how ThinkMaze logo was created. Click to see the process.


You are alowed to use and print mazes for your own personal use. You may also distribute the mazes but ThinkMaze logo must not be removed: more hereIf you would like to publish mazes in a magazine or use it for some other commercial purpose, mazes need to be purchased: more here.

Have some quality mazes of your own? Get in touch, we might publish them together.

That´s it, enjoy! 😉